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Congreso Internacional HEPS

Del 22.6.2011 al 24.6.2011    |   Congresos Internacionales en Oviedo
l próximo Congreso Internacional HEPS está centrado en la gestión del riesgo clínico y de errores médicos


The vision of HEPS is represented by the bridge connecting the past and future of healthcare services, as well as ergonomists and clinicians, patients and providers. The past HEPS conferences in 2005 and 2008 succesfully contributed to highlight and develop the ergonomics contribution to patient safety, thanks to the participation of researchers, practicioners and patient advocates.
The third HEPS conference, jointly organized by IEA, AEE and SIE will focus on the challenges healthcare ergonomics faces in designing healthcare services as the co-product of the interaction between clinicians and patients. In particular, HEPS 2011 will have specific tracks dedicated to patient centered design of biomedical devices, intelligent information systems and clinical pathways for the acute and chronic conditions.
Oviedo is an enchanting venue to host HEPS and its convivial atmosphere will certainly favour the interactions between ergonomists, clinicians and patients. The scientific contributions and the patient stories will intertwine in the plenary and interactive sessions, to finally evolve in a consensus document on healthcare ergonomics and patient safety.